Amid rising inquiries, Gov. Scott files and makes public 2013 income tax return

Former Gov. Charlie Crist, left, and Gov. Rick Scott

By Dan Christensen
A day after aides refused to say whether Gov. Rick Scott had filed his 2013 federal income tax return, or say whether he would release it, the governor made the 34-page document public Wednesday afternoon.

Lt. Gov. Lopez-Cantera’s relatives profited from his 2008 House campaign, probe found

Carlos Lopez-Cantera is sworn in as lieutenant governor on Feb. 3 as family members and Gov. Rick Scott look on.

By Francisco Alvarado
When Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera was a state legislator in 2008 his campaign paid more than $20,000 to an electioneering firm run by his sister and her husband. The arrangement sparked a quiet public corruption probe. No criminal charges were filed, yet a prosecutor concluded that what happened “may not look good” to the public.

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Mysterious “wife” of 9/11 hijacker visited Broward County Courthouse as terrorists struck

By Dan Christensen and Robbyn Swan
A woman who identified herself as the wife of Mohamed Atta, the 9/11 hijack leader, appeared at the Broward County Courthouse the same day the terrorists struck seeking to clear up Atta’s traffic record.

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Hollywood mob lawyer Joe Varon’s final case: daughter vs. caregiver in messy probate fight

By Ann Henson Feltgen
During a 40-year career attorney Joe Varon defended mobsters and other notorious figures, bragging while not all got off the hook none were executed. Now, it is his heirs who are in court.

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Worried over money for schools, teachers oppose ballot measure backed by Catholic Church

By William Gjebre
An argument over government support of religious organizations and schools has erupted between unionized teachers and the backers of a state proposed constitutional amendment, including the Catholic Church.

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Mitt Romney’s tax mysteries: A reading guide

By Cora Currier, ProPublica Last week, the website Gawker published more than 900 pages of documents from Bain Capital, the private equity firm Mitt Romney founded, and headed from 1984 until 1999. The document dump didn’t reveal much about Romney’s personal investments, but it added a bit more to the pressure on Romney to release more of his […]

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Burned by health warnings, defiant tanning industry assails doctors, ‘sun scare’ conspiracy

By Bridget Huber, Fair Warning A doctor in a white lab coat stands at the pearly gates. The voice of God booms, “And your good deeds?” The man responds, “Well, as a dermatologist, I’ve been warning people that sunlight will kill them and that it’s as deadly as smoking.”

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Florida is ground zero for another partisan debate over who should be allowed to vote

By Ethan Magoc, News 21  Florida’s hanging chads and butterfly ballots in 2000 ignited the divisive battle that ended with the U.S. Supreme Court denying an election recount, effectively declaring that George W. Bush won the presidential election by 537 votes. Another potentially close election is ahead, and the nation’s largest swing state is again […]

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Political “news” blogger vocal in Hallandale mayoral race hid her marriage to candidate

By William Gjebre and Dan Christensen
A political writer for who for months has written stories attacking opponents of Hallandale Beach mayoral hopeful Jay Schorr did not tell her readers that she is Schorr’s wife.

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Bid manipulation alleged at DCF; Butterworth’s ex-agency said to steer him big Broward contract

By Dan Christensen
An appeals court has pulled the rug out from under a bid protest alleging that a $44 million a year state management contract was illegally steered to a nonprofit led by former Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth.
The court tossed the case last week without looking at the underlying corruption allegations.

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Two dark money groups outspending all Super PACs combined

By Kim Barker, ProPublica Two conservative nonprofits, Crossroads GPS and Americans for Prosperity, have poured almost $60 million into TV ads to influence the presidential race so far, outgunning all super PACs put together, new spending estimates show. These nonprofits, also known as 501(c)(4)s or c4s for their section of the tax code, don’t have […]

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