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Broward Bulldog is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on the generous support of our donors and sponsors. We publish the following list of contributors because we believe it is important to be as transparent as possible about our sources of revenue. Prior contributors are acknowledged on separate pages. We thank you all for your support.

Broward Bulldog’s contributors provide general support for our activities and, like our sponsors, have no voice in our editorial decisions. Broward Bulldog’s acceptance of financial support is not an implied or actual endorsement of our funders or their products, services or opinions.

Broward Bulldog does not accept gifts from anonymous sources, political parties, elected officials, active candidates for public office or others whose contributions might reasonably affect public perception of our independence.

Contributions to Broward Bulldog help support our mission to provide watchdog reporting in the public interest. It also makes you a member of one of our special clubs. Also, the first 100 individuals or corporations to give $1,000 or more will be recognized in our Founders’ Club.

       Contributors for 2013-2014

LAS OLAS CLUB — $10,000 and up

Michael Connelly

RIVERWALK CLUB — $1000 to $9999

Keith Donner

NEW RIVER CLUB — $500-$999   

Doug and Peggy Clifton

Jacqueline Egan

Benedict Kuehne

Oline Cogdill and William “Bill” Hirschman

Tom Julin

Ellen Soeteber and Richard Martins

SAWGRASS CLUB — $100 to $499

Sheila Anderson

Harriett Brackey

Boardroom Communications

Kevin Boyd

Nicole Brochu

Keith DeMatteis

William Fernandez

Peter L. “Pete” Foster

Lisa Gibbs and Rick McCawley

Scott Gooding

Rosemary Goudreau

Charlotte Greenbarg

Fred Grimm

Bonnie Gross

Gail Harper

Robert Hittel

D.P. Hughes

Cynthia Kappel

Dianne Karnatz

David Lyons

Bernard and Margaret McCormick

Robert McClure and Sally Deneen

Jean Mignolet

Henry Obst

Joy Oglesby

Tom O’Hara

Richard Papiernik

Lucy Chabot Reed and David Reed

James and Sharon Savage

John Tanasychuk

James Tylock

Gaylord Wood

EVERGLADES CLUB — $99 or less

Sharon Aron Baron

Eric Barton

Elaine Beck

Melanie V. Bell

Trudy Bell

Carolyn Biddle

Harry Broertjes

Carolyn Burns

Brian Cavanagh

Ruth Courtney-Jones

Gretchen Day-Bryant

Sam Fields

Howard Eleanor Frank

Elizabeth L. Huls

Karen Myatt and Steve Hyatt

Bob Knotts

Diane Lade

Donna McMahon

Teresa Mears

Frank Palen

Adolfo Pesquera

Michael Sallah

Linda Trischitta

Brittany Wallman

Scott Wyman


Michael Connelly, Jacqueline Egan, Fred Schulte, Ellis Berger, Thomas Julin, Keith Donner





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